ABK “Kvadrat” provides a full range of design work, a general designer function, design of constructions, foundations, internal and external engineering networks, technological sections of the project, and more...

ABK "Kvadrat" Llc performs the design work of various difficulty and all stages of design.

We provide our work from the sketch to a working document.


Each project begins from the idea and concept.

50ty percent project’s success is creative, interesting and functional architecture.

We have creative approach for every project. We provide project’s individual features according to the customer’s requests, while maintaining the functionality and technical reliability of the building.

Our team is creative and professional group of architects who are able to provide your various projects. We can help you to build a comfortable, functional, creative and expressive property.

Choosing ABK Kvadrat you choose the functionality and comfort.


ABK Kvadrat acts as the general contractor and provides the management of construction.

One of the activities of ABK Kvadrat is the installation and construction of internal and external water supply, heating, sewage, electricity, lighting and electrical equipment engineering networks.

ABK Kvadrat uses energy-saving technologies and modern equipment in its projects.

Choosing ABK Kvadrat you choose the warmth and comfort in your home.


We do not just design, we accompany construction projects starting from the land allocation and ending with the putting into operation the real estate.

ABK Kvadrat obtains necessary basic data for design and construction, also obtains permits and specifications, coordination and approval of project documentation, and receives permits for building and preparations. 

ABK "Kvadrat" Llc will help you to set the facility in operation and receive a certificate of ownership of real estate in a short term. 

Saving your time we save your money.